Budweiser To Launch a Reality Show on ABC (That Has Nothing To Do With Beer)

Budweiser To Launch a Reality Show on ABC (That Has Nothing To Do With Beer)
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​Today, Beerpulse posted on its Facebook page the news of a Budweiser reality show coming to ABC on Jan. 21.  

Those who follow Beerpulse, a craft beer news site, are typically those programmed to hate the Anheuser-Busch InBev empire, and thus, a snark explosion ensued. 

"I envision lots of bikini clad women, dogs in Hawaiian shirts, and a lot of really crappy beer."  

"Add rice, add some more rice, and now some hop syrup shipped in converted oil tankers from some planks of beech wood. More rice. and done. Done. That beer is done."

The show, however, doesn't sound like it has anything to do with actual beer. Bud United presents: The Big Time, which will air on Saturday afternoons, features young adults "fulfilling their dreams," from racecar driving to pitching for a pro baseball team to taking center stage at a music concert. AdWeek reports that the stars of the show will not be seen pounding the suds in accordance with ABC's content regulations.    

So it's basically a show about the goals you could be pursuing if you stopped drinking all that Bud Light. 

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