Boba May Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals
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Boba May Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Just got some frightening news about boba, the drink we love to chew (and sometimes shoot at friends with those giant straws).  

German researchers warn that the boba balls--or tapioca or pearls or bubbles or whatever you like to call them--may contain cancer-causing carcinogens. They told The Local newspaper that in analyzing the tapioca balls, they found polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs such as styrene, acetophenone and brominated substances, chemicals that should not be ingested. New York Daily News reports that the samples were taken from an unnamed chain in northwest Germany and the balls were made in Taiwan.  

In short, as researcher Manfred Möller tells The Local in very scientific terms, boba contains "all sorts of crap." 

It's a scary thought for anyone who (like me) fuels up on the gelatinous lumps of goodness, but there haven't been any American studies to our knowledge so college kids and sweet-drink fiends are unlikely to give up the balls just yet. In fact, here are 10 Things You Should Know About Boba.

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