Hyarrr, DTSA, prepare to be boarded!
Hyarrr, DTSA, prepare to be boarded!
Courtesy of Rachel Klemek

Blackmarket Bakery To Open At Downtown Santa Ana's Santora Building

Blackmarket Bakery owner Rachel Klemek has signed a lease to open a bakery in the Santora Building at 211 N. Broadway in downtown Santa Ana, in a space that was previously a clothing store.

Blackmarket Bakery started in a commercial building near John Wayne Airport and built up a cult following for the sweet rolls, breads and pies they brought to area farmers markets, before moving to a larger retail space in Costa Mesa. That space will remain open, but the Santa Ana location will feature items unique to Santa Ana, including breads from flours ground on site, pan dulce, and more savory items. Klemek hopes to be able to secure an alcohol license so she can sell beer and wine besides the Kéan espresso she brews.

Klemek hopes to be open shortly after New Year's, though that will depend on how quickly buildout and inspection can happen. With Moya's Bakery closing near the Playground, there is no bakery in downtown Santa Ana.

Fear not, santaneros, the people WILL have bread!

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