Blackmarket Bakery Launches Kickstarter Project To Raise More Dough

Blackmarket Bakery Launches Kickstarter Project To Raise More Dough
It takes a both confidence and humility for a business to reach out to the community for help. The folks at Blackmarket Bakery know they make great products--amaaaazing breads, pastries and über-adorable desserts--but also realize that in order to reach more carb-loving customers, they can't do it alone. 
That's why chef Rachel Klemek and her team have launched a Kickstarter project titled "Blackmarket Bakery Kneads Dough," which asks loyal fans to help fund a new line of burger buns, rolls and sandwich breads. To make these items, they'll need an old-school, steam-injected rotating rack oven, which costs a heftty $21,000. 

The small Irvine bakery, which OC Weekly named Best Bakery in 2010, has signed a lease on a retail space at The Camp in Costa Mesa, and if the project is funded, those who make a pledge of $10 or more will get an invitation to its pre-opening party later this year (which will undoubtedly feature tons of bread samples--yessss!). Pledge more and get other sweet goodies, like monthly bread subscriptions or a private class with chef Rachel. There's only eight more days left to donate, and so far, the bakery has raised about half of its goal. 

Check out the project here and watch the video below. 

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