Take that, luxe loncheras!
Take that, luxe loncheras!

Bierbike, Pubs on Wheels, Popular in Germany--and Now Getting Banned

In further proof that us Americans can sometimes be woefully behind the culinary times, Der Spiegel had an article yesterday about Germany's love of the Bierbike--literally, a bicycle that rides around the city carrying people while serving them beers and blasting bad German pop music.

Um, why haven't Bierbikes infiltrated the United States yet??

The article, in typical Spiegel understated brilliance, describes the jolly good time had by Germans and tourists alike, along with the backlash that the Bierbike has caused--Munich has banned them, and Düsseldorf is trying to, as well. What's the problem, you may ask? The passengers--if you've ever been on a booze bus headed for Vegas, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Still, the idea is a brilliant one, and one that Germans have further customized--in Frankfurt, there is an Äpplerbike that serves apple cider, and another city specializes in wine bikes. Hey, local micro-brewers: have at it! Even if you just drive around your parking lot, imagine the lines that would arise!

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