OC Weekly editorial policy regarding imposters
OC Weekly editorial policy regarding imposters

Beware of Two Middle-Aged Women Posing as OC Weekly Food Critics--They're Not

From a source:

As a professional courtesy, I just wanted to inform you that there were two very drunk and rude women claiming to be OC Weekly"writers" at Don the Beachcomber yesterday. They had old, worn-out press passes to some other function on lanyards around their necks.

What did they look like?

I'd guess they were both in their mid-40s, heavy makeup, medium builds. One was blond; the other had dark brown hair. They were really drunk--stumbling and slurring their words--and ranting about having "so many stories to write" for the OC Weekly. It seemed like one of them may have been a freelancer years ago and now uses old press passes to get into places.

Well, hell.

We get imposters every couple of years claiming to be a Weekling--for a couple of years, a guy was going around town pretending to be me, and you'd have to be the stupidest person on Earth to try and imitate me for goodies, as you're more liable to get punched in the face by business owners. But these two women are particularly pendeja for trying to throw their weight around by claiming they're with the Weekly.

First off, the press passes? We've never had them. Lanyards? If I saw any of my writers wearing them, I'd laugh them out of the office as dweebs. More important, the only people who can ask for free anything are the editors, and it's usually Taylor and Nate who are asking for press passes. The Forkers know how much I loathe freebies--I'd rather they spend the money, then submit a form for reimbursement.

So, restaurants and venues: If two middle-aged women go around town saying they're with OC Weekly, THEY'RE NOT. If anyone claims to be with the Weekly and you haven't received clearance from me (or, you're not already familiar with the writer), THEY'RE NOT. As the Iron Sheik would say, send any imposters our way, and we'll make them humble the old-country way . . .gracias!

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