Roe Restaurant is participating.
Roe Restaurant is participating.
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Belmont Shore Taste & Savor Event This Wednesday & Thursday

Belmont Shore's first Taste & Savor Event of the summer begins this Wednesday and Thursday.

What is it a "Taste & Savor Event"? Well, it's basically a two-day bargain period where just about all of Belmont Shore's restaurants on 2nd Street will give out little tastings of their food in exchange for tickets that you buy by the booklet.

You can purchase tickets at The Beach on 2nd, Francesca', LaStrada, Olives Gourmet, Roe, Salon Soma, Shore Business Center, Sweet Jill' s and in front of CHASE BANK the night of event. The cost is $10 for a ticket book of 12 tickets. Use tickets for both nights in same month only.

After May's event, the next Taste & Savor will occur on these dates: June 18 and 19; July 16 and17; August 13 and 14; and September 17 and 18.

This Wednesday and Thursday, there will be live Entertainment from these local bands:

Wednesday, May 14 - DAD COMPANY at Corona & 2nd. - NTH at Rubio's near Roycroft

Thursday, May 15 - 3 FEET UNDER at Corona & 2nd - NTH at Rubio's on 2nd & Roycroft & Gregg Young & the 2nd St. "C" Jazz Band on 2nd & LaVerne in front of Fromex

To a list of participating restaurants and for more info, click HERE.

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