¡Ask a Comida Critic! Where to Spend St. Patrick's Day Today?

The obvious question for hoy. From Forker Ann in Laguna Hills:

I want to celebrate St. Paddy's today, but I don't want to fight for a seat among a bunch of drunks. I want something classier--not Five Crowns classy. Besides, they're Brits.

Ooh, wish that I could direct you to a genteel Irish-themed pub, but "genteel" and "Irish" go together like "Mexican" and "genteel"--ain't going to happen. And nothing against our many fine Irish pubs--the Auld Dubliner and Muldoon's, Durty Nelly's and O'Malley's, among others--but they're not going to be places of civility tonight. 

Besides, what do you have against the Brits? St. Patrick's Day is the perfect day to stick it to those limeys--so why not go to . . .

. . . the Crow Bar?

It has always been a great place to eat great, inventive pub food, with a nice selection of beers. And they just got a new chef, whose name escapes me right now because I deleted the press release some hack sent to me. They used to have an Irish Car Bomb-based dessert that was--pardon the pun--bomb, but I think PC pendejos got to them. Eh, go here, order a Jameson and toast to Michael Collins in the (metaphorical) belly of the beast.

Crow Bar and Kitchen, 2325 E. Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar, (949) 675-0070; www.crowbarcdm.com.

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