¡Ask a Comida Critic! That Mexican Holy Host Dessert?

¡Ask a Comida Critic! That Mexican Holy Host Dessert?

You people, I swear: I can answer non-Mexican related food questions! But I like this one from reader John:

Hey Mexican critic: What's the name of that Mexican dessert that's basically the Catholic host? Isn't it sacrilegious to eat it?

Sacrilegious? You mean--with all apologies to Homer Simpson--sacriLICIOUS!

The name of the dessert is an


, and John isn't exaggerating when he compares it to the Holy Host, as they're essentially built from the same unleavened wheat wafer, paper-thin to the point of it instantaneously melting in your mouth. The only difference is that while the Communion wafer is always flat and plain (it's Heaven that's your sweet reward), a Mexican


can come in many different manifestations--in the shape of a taco, two together to make an impromptu quesadilla, and in a dazzling array of colors. Also? The filling--sometimes cajeta, sometimes chocolate, but best when it's a filling of chopped-up walnuts, an almost-paste that recalls the best pecan candies of San Antonio.

We always get our obleas from Tijuana, in massive packets, but you can also find them at any Northgate Supermarket or dulcería in Orange County. Colombians also make their own obleas, and I do believe Sara's Mercado in Westminster stocks them, as they do most any other Colombian treat. Just don't go asking for them during Mass--better yet, don't bother with Mass until Brownie's gone...

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