Arby's Plans to Completely Rehaul Menu

Arby's Plans to Completely Rehaul Menu

According to Business Insider, Arby's just got a new chief marketing officer who's planning a major and total rehaul of the menu, logo, and ads.

In 2007, the roast beef-centered fast food chain added Toasted Subs to its menu, which was one of its last major menu revisions since the introduction of its Market Fresh sandwiches in 2001.

It remains to be seen whether its "new, simplified menu" will mean the elimination of these items. Arby's, which was sold off to a private equity firm by Wendy's last summer so that its parent company could focus on its own brand, was faltering.

During the down economy, Arby's had the highest average check in the industry. The chain didn't introduce a value menu until 2010, while competitors like McDonald's flourished by offering cheaper options.

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