Anthony Bourdain To Collaborate With Olive Garden Reviewer

Anthony Bourdain To Collaborate With Olive Garden Reviewer

Bourdain. Bourdain. Bourdain. The Travel Channel host, ex-chef and author people seem to like to label a "bad boy" and "foul-mouthed" has been everywhere these past couple of days. He was on The Daily Show last week plugging the new season of No Reservations, but he's also been revealing a lot in interviews everywhere else.

Par for the course is that Paula Deen thing and the tiff he has with Frank Bruni about the Paula Deen thing. People like it when Bourdain gets mad at someone or when someone is mad at Bourdain. But the most interesting bit of news he had to share is about the project he's starting and a project he's eager on ending.

The author and now publisher has plans to work with Marilyn Hagerty--that 85-year-old restaurant critic from North Dakota who reviewed the local Olive Garden and gained worldwide fame. He wants to put out a book of her reviews.

Another bombshell: Bourdain has said that his other show The Layover has worn him down. He plans to give up that gig to focus on No Reservations and give the other show to a new, yet-unnamed, and probably less "foul-mouthed" host.

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