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Anthony Bourdain Says Human Race "Essentially Good"; Introduces His New Show Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain Says Human Race "Essentially Good"; Introduces His New Show Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain, the man who might not have invented the food-travel show but made it into a literate and beautifully-shot art form, is now on CNN and he's bringing his Emmy-winning crew with him.

Bourdain's new program, set to debut any day now, is called Parts Unknown, and from the mostly non-informative teaser they've put up on the CNN website, it looks like it will be pretty much what we have come to expect from the man. That's to say, it looks like A Cook's Tour, No Reservations, and The Layover.

The host does wax poetic in an intro piece published along with the teaser, saying that the human race is "essentially good" and that he came to this conclusion from sharing all those countless meals with friends, chef compatriots and complete strangers. 

"People feel free, with a goofy American guy who has expressed interest only in their food and what they do for fun, to tell stories about themselves -- to let their guard down, to be and to reveal, on occasion, their truest selves," he writes.

"The world," the author says, " is, in fact, filled with mostly good and decent people who are simply doing the best they can. Everybody, it turns out, is proud of their food (when they have it). They enjoy sharing it with others (if they can). They love their children. They like a good joke. Sitting at the table has allowed me a privileged perspective and access that others, looking principally for 'the story,' do not, I believe, always get."

More than anything, Bourdain's move to CNN feels right. He was getting too cerebral, too smart, too journalism-y for a channel that seems more and more apt to showcase auction reality shows and hotel make-overs.

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