Another New Food Truck Debuts in OC This Week (UPDATE!)

For those who think this food truck trend has reached saturation, here's another one that debuted in OC last week. Called The Lime Truck, this roach coach markets itself as serving "California beach cuisine." At the helm is Jason Quinn, a young chef who once worked at Charlie Palmer's at Bloomingdales.

Also notable: this truck seems to have two decidedly different faces--one for the business-park lunch crowd; the other for drunken, club-hopping patrons. By day, their menu is a roster of well-heeled paninis and gourmet salads. By night, things get interesting with "The Effing Burger," fried chicken, and a street food classic: a bacon-wrapped hot dog.

And judging by their Twitter feed, so far in their first week out, they're already getting shooed away from a few places they've tried to park, a rite of passage.

They are, of course, on Twitter, with a website and a Facebook page.

*Thanks to Brekkie Fan for the tip.

UPDATE:  Brekkie Fan, who caught up with them last night, found out an interesting factoid about this new truck:

The Lime Truck's truck is actually the recently shuttered Brooklyn Boys' truck reincarnated.  Yes, the newest roach coachers bought their vehicle from them when they tapped out of the ring.


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