Announcing OC Weekly's First-Ever Final Pho!

Announcing OC Weekly's First-Ever Final Pho!
Dave Lieberman

If you are a sports fan, you are looking forward to the coming NCAA Division I basketball tournament, famously known as March Madness and the Final Four. If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, you love pho, the legendary beef (sometimes chicken, sometimes turkey, sometimes fish, sometimes vegetarian) noodle soup that cures better than Jesus.

And if you're a fan of both? Have we Forkers got a treat for you: the Final Pho, in which Dave, Edwin, Shuji, and I will take 16 pho restaurants in Orange County with the arduous task of deciding who is the best of them all. Details after the jump!

Announcing OC Weekly's First-Ever Final Pho!
Jay Brockman/OC Weekly

Jay Brockman/OC Weekly

The breakdown is fiendishly simple: The four of us each picked four pho places (Dave picked first, then Shuji, then Edwin, then me--but I got the first pick). We'll match them up in our own brackets until we each emerge with a winner, leaving the Final Pho. Then, we trade brackets--say, Dave and I are supposed to face off with our respective choices? Shuji and Edwin do the face-off for us, and vice versa.

For the final match-up, we're all going to try the final two and figure out a winner. I'm publishing the brackets this Thursday; first match-up happens next Monday, continuing until the day of the NCAA championship. Stay tuned. . . .

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