Late and sorely lamented...
Late and sorely lamented...

Anna's Mondu Closes In Garden Grove

Anna's Mondu, the tiny labor of love of an older Korean couple in a shopping mall in Garden Grove's Korean District, has closed and been replaced by a sort of licorice allsorts (or mixture) of a restaurant (with no sign up when we drove past), its sliding-door freezer void of any dumplings whatsoever.

Most people stopped in on a multipoint tour of the area: frozen dumplings from Anna's, the best kimchi in OC from Seoul Dosoon Yi Kimchi, blood sausage from Seoul Soondae, etc. Owner Anna was always so happy when someone sat down to be served; she doted on my daughter, who scarfed her pork-and-leek, chlorella and giant, bao-like "king" dumplings like there was no tomorrow.

The cashier at H-Mart to whom I poured out my tale of woe said she thought the couple had retired. Whatever the cause--we will update you when we find out--OC's burgeoning Koreatown has lost a great light. Meanwhile, for your dumpling needs, may we suggest Myung Im in the H-Mart food court on the northwest corner of Garden Grove Boulevard and Magnolia.


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