Anaheim Roscoe's Is Hiring Staff, Opening Soon!


Oh thank goodness, the Anaheim Roscoe's is finally opening soon.

The soul food restaurant out of the city up north posted on their Facebook on Nov. 5 that they were starting to hire workers to staff their Anaheim location.

It's been awhile, nearly a year and a half since the location was announced. What caused the delays to open, we don't know, but earlier this year Roscoe's rhetorically asked if it could possible be racial. Whatever it was, looks like the problem's solved.

If you want to work at Roscoe's, the flyers below. The restaurant could not be contacted re: the actual opening date, but I'm going to start counting down from an arbitrary number just to make it easier on everyone. 28.

Anaheim Roscoe's Is Hiring Staff, Opening Soon!

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