An OC Restaurant Week for Kids? Yep.

An OC Restaurant Week for Kids? Yep.

I know a 3-year old who loves butter. Not like how Julia Child loves butter; but as in she eats it like yogurt. Plain. With a spoon.

When I was five, my favorite meal was chocolate sprinkles and margarine on Wonder bread. What's my point? Kids are weird on food. They like what they like. They're simultaneously particular and not particular.

So when I heard that the OC Restaurant Week peeps were planning a similar event for these undeveloped palates called Kids Restaurant Week, it seemed disingenuous. But it is a catchy name and actually a good idea when you find out that it's really for families.

Participating restaurants haven't been announced, but the idea is that they will put out discounted meals ranging from $20 - $75 for a family of four this summer from June 23 - July 3. A portion of the proceeds will also benefit Share Our Strength, an organization committed to fighting childhood hunger.

I'm most interested to hear how they work out a few logistical issues, like what if you have a family of five? And are you allowed to claim your 32-year-old child as a dependent?

These are things that I am sure are being considered as we speak. Like I said, the event has barely been announced.


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