Alton Brown Shows You How To Properly Saber A Bottle of Champagne

My college journalism friends know that I have an unhealthy love of opening bottles of champagne with knives. My college partying friends also know that I have a kind of shitty record. Over my champagne sabering career, I've gone a dismal 2-2, strangely enough succeeding in front of journos and failing in front of everyone else.

Well, now hopefully that record will get better. I had basically retired after my last attempt left bleeding from multiple places, but this new video from Alton Brown's new YouTube project has me tempted.

Today, Mr. Brown himself shows you how to correct remove the top off of a bottle of champagne with a saber. For those of you without weaponry, I always try to use a Chinese cleaver.

Check the video after the jump:

Now go and be safe readers, and remember, don't hurt yourselves.

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