A Funny Story About an Autographed Bottle of Gringo Bandito

The cover story this week is about the unlikely rise of Gringo Bandito from a joke hot sauce put out by Offspring singer Dexter Holland into something that's becoming a staple of Orange County. This is the third time I've written about the hot sauce, following my initial review and this general check-in with Holland.

After one of them--I'm not sure which--Holland sent me a bottle with his autograph on it as a token of appreciation. What a great souvenir, right? But that damn sauce...I like it so much, and ran out of my regular stock, that I ended up using the hot sauce in the signed bottle. And again. Again. Today? Still have that same bottle, but the autograph is ineligible. Hey: if Batali had done the same with some bottled marinara sauce, I'da done the same.

Any, "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)"


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