#73. 5 a.m. Chitterlings at Tri-Village
Dave Lieberman

#73. 5 a.m. Chitterlings at Tri-Village

From now until our Best Of issue, we are counting down our 100 favorite dishes of the past year. If you've missed some, we've included a linked list at the end.

#73. 5 a.m. Chitterlings at Tri-Village
Dave Lieberman

#73. 5 a.m. Chitterlings at Tri-Village

Yes, chitterlings. Yes, as in pig intestines. They're awesome. It's the offal truth.

The Chinese name for this dish is 五更肠旺 (wǔ gēng cháng wàng) and literally means "five a.m. intestine blaze". It isn't that spicy, we promise.

But why 5 a.m.? The reason is that this thick braise of pork intestine, blocks of pork blood, blocks of tofu, suancai (preserved cabbage) and spicy brown sauce supposedly had to be started at 5 a.m. in order to be ready for dinner.

The dish arrives in a metal dish set over an alcohol flame. Spoon some of it over your rice and dig in; the intestines are scrupulously clean, and have a slightly snappy texture (think of the "snap" of a good hot dog). The blood provides richness and the tofu a slightly grassy flavor to balance the spiciness and sourness of the dish. It's salty, it's spicy, it's savory, it's delicious despite its humble ingredients, and it's become a must-order every time I go.

Tri-Village, 14121 Jeffrey Rd., Irvine; (949) 857-8833.

The list so far:

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#88. Budino di Cioccolato, Pizzeria Ortica
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#84. Silken Tofu & Thousand Year Old Egg at Asian Tapas
#83. Cambodian Beef Jerky at Sophy's
#82. Com Tam at Com Tam Tran Quy Cap
#81. Chipotle-Piloncillo Goat Cheese at SOL Cocina
#80. Nem Nuong Cuon at Au Lac Restaurant
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