5 Places to Eat in OC After a Late-Night Show

You might feel euphoric now, but wait until the grumbles start to set in
You might feel euphoric now, but wait until the grumbles start to set in
Photo by Brenda Wong

For concert-going foodies (or food-loving audiophiles, I guess), the existence of awesome late-night food joints is a matter of life or death. There's nothing like ending an evening of music with the opportunity to talk about how wonderful everything was and how it should still be going on right at that instant, while eating obviously.

You can't just go any ole place though. Your destination has to be delicious (obviously), fast (it's probably 1 a.m. already), casual (you'll be covered in dried sweat and... other people's dried sweat) and they have to fill your belly like manna from heaven itself.

The ultimate question is "Where to go?!" Well, have no fear, this list is here.

5. Kaju Tofu

Photo by Edwin Goei

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When you have a sizzling bowl of orange-red tofu soup, there are really no reasons to be blue.

Among late-night Korean comfort food, Kaju Tofu reins king. Located in Garden Grove and open until 2 a.m., Kaju carries standard Korean dishes including tofu soup, bibimbap and Korean pancakes.

The star is the toju soup, and its marriage of savory, tanginess and spice is enough to make your belly belt like Beyonce and almost, just almost overshadow any great time you had. Priced in the mid to high teens, it's possibly the best spot for those who are willing to spend a little extra on their late-night food adventures (and have a little room for endless banchan).

4. Sahara Falafel

After the dancing, time for some gorging
After the dancing, time for some gorging
Photo by Cyclone Bill

Three words: "shawarma" and "garlic sauce."

Located around 5 to 10 minutes from some of Anaheim's most popular music venues, Sahara Falafel is a dependable go-to spot for night owls, perpetual hungerers like myself and, of course, late-night concert goers. As laid back as it is, Sahara's set up works conveniently well for people who want to relax after sweating for hours in a crowded room with several hundred other people. With Sahara's hearty shawarma sandwich, some falafel and a whole lot of garlic sauce, the likelihood of your already good concert day ending with a sweeter cadence is, well, (almost) guaranteed.

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