5 Great Things To Make With Spam, From Spam Doughnuts to Spam Musubi Push-Pops

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Spam. Glorious, versatile, just-don't-tell-me-what's-inside-of-it Spam. While not everyone shares the same giddiness for Hormel's glistening canned meat product, those who do know that it can  be a cheap and comforting indulgence. I'll always remember walking with my sister through the streets of Oahu while eating Spam musubi from the ABC Store. Mmmmm! And who knows? Spam's freakish shelf-life may just help us all survive the zombie apocalypse. Stock up now, folks.               

To celebrate the birthday of Spam, here are five great things to make with Spam, from Spam doughnuts to Spam musubi push-pops.

(Thanks to SeriousEats for turning us onto the momentous occasion.)  

1. Spam Doughnuts 

Beneath the glaze is a layer of Spam. Well done.  

2. Spam Fries

The most basic recipe: deep-fry Spam sticks until golden brown. Or if you hate your internal organs, Epic Meal Time shows you how to make Spam fries with chili, cheese, bacon and Four Loko. 

3. Spamsicle (Deep-fried Spam on a stick)  

Get ready. Chicken Charlie's is bringing something similar to the OC Fair. 

4. Spam Pizza 

Pepperoni who?

5. Spam Musubi Push-Pops 

A simply genius concoction by justJENN.  

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