Thank you, Penis Pans.
Thank you, Penis Pans.

10 Ways to Use Your Penis Cake Pan After the Bachelorette Party

Now this is the kind of marketing I can get behind.

Every buy a penis cake pan for a bachelorette party (college guys use 'em too to troll each other) and not have any use for it afterwards?

Well, I (I being have a list just for you. Not one additional use or two additional uses, but a full 10 new uses for that penis pan.

Penis pan.

Seriously though, I'm not going to republish the list here because the recipes are so amazing, you should just visit their website.

Some of the other uses turn out great like the wizard cake above. Others? Not so much. The best part about this entire situation though is the fact that someone was paid (hopefully) to sit in their kitchen and stare at a penis pan, coming up with ideas. They then took multiple penis cakes and frosted them in hopes of making something.. non-penis like. I really wonder about the failures.

What didn't make it? Is there an actual one-eyed monster cake somewhere out there? What else could you even make with this shape form.

Whatever, it's amazing.

(Oh, and thanks PenisPans for letting me upload a picture labeled "penis_wizard". I owe you a solid.)

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