10 New Dessert Spots to Try in Orange County

10 New Dessert Spots to Try in Orange County
Charles Lam

OC dessert veterans--Joe's Italian Ice, Disneyland's dole whip--will always have a place in our hearts, but the county has been making room for the new. You know what that means: lots of liquid nitrogen ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream flavors that are getting more and more unexpected (surprisingly, there are no new popsicle joints--wasn't that a thing last year?) Though summer's ending soon, let's be real: it's still going to be hot and dessert--specifically ice cream--is a year-round thing here. And the list of new places to try just keeps growing.

10. Scoops N Scoops (Irvine)

10 New Dessert Spots to Try in Orange County
LP Hastings

Even though the ratio of regular ice cream shops and liquid nitrogen shops is equalizing...probably, it's not all that bad. As trendy as they may be, watching people make ice cream--which, when involving liquid nitrogen, looks like a scene from Breaking Bad--is fun and almost hypnotizing. At Scoops N Scoops, that crazy-mad-scientist stuff leads to impressive scoops of almond date ice cream (straight outta the Middle East, too) among others.

Scoops N Scoops is located at 14411 Culver Dr., Irvine, (949) 786-0170; scoopsnscoops.com; Instagram: @scoopsnscoops

9. Leaf N Cream (Tustin)

10 New Dessert Spots to Try in Orange County
Photo by Sam Howzit

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Next to Tustin's Tan Hoang Huong and Kolache Factory is Leaf N Cream, a boba-and-ice-cream-sandwich shop that resembles Northern California's Tpumps and Orange County's own Snow Monster. Like Tpumps, you mix up three drink flavors and are asked to choose between milk or non-milk. Like Snow Monster, Leaf N Cream serves ice cream sandwiched between beautifully decorated macaroons (they too have a Fruity Pebbles macaroon).

14089 Newport Ave, Tustin, (714) 200-8453; facebook.com/pages/Leaf-n-Cream/114103562265353

8. Bahama Buck's (Huntington Beach)

10 New Dessert Spots to Try in Orange County
Photo by Kim

Enter Bahama Buck's and you'll find yourself staring at the menu for quite some time. That's because their list of Sno (their term for shaved ice) is so long you actually have to read all of it (otherwise, what if you miss a really good flavor?) Whether you choose birthday cake, wedding, or one of the fruity flavors, your Sno will be served in gradient hues and with an umbrella in it--smooth as ever.

8112 Talbert Ave, Huntington Beach, (714) 841-7661; bahamabucks.com; Instagram: @bahamabucks

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