10 Great Places for Macarons in Orange County

10 Great Places for Macarons in Orange County
Photo by Takeshi Kuboki

High maintenance, desirable--that is the state of the French macaron in this county, a status the dessert has held for several years. Slight changes in humidity can mess up in-progress macarons for good, which is why those who do 'em right deserve massive recognition. After a meticulous preparation process, the result is ganache filling sandwiched in between two meringue-based cookies. Good macarons have chewy, airy bites. They're moist and, most importantly, don't crumble when you eat them. Such macarons exist here and, interestingly enough, they're not all from French bakeries. You'll find them in boba shops and new age dessert spots, too.

10. 7 Leaves Cafe (Tustin)

10 Great Places for Macarons in Orange County
Photo by SachaZufferey

There's no denying that 7 Leaves Cafe is a place for great Vietnamese iced coffee and teas made with natural ingredients. But have you tried their macarons? Guys, they're delish. A bit tiny they are, but that's what makes them go so well with 7 Leaves' filling drinks (and maybe after eating Korean barbecue at Gen in the same complex).

9786 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, (714) 590-2790 9111 Valley View Street #101, Cypress, (714) 229-9900 13771 Newport Avenue #12, Tustin, (714) 838-8887 9475 Warner Avenue, Fountain Valley, (714) 465-2343 7leavescafe.com; Twitter: @7leavescafe

9. Snow Monster (Multiple Locations)

10 Great Places for Macarons in Orange County
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Macaron ice cream sandwiches are genius in the sense that ice cream is a great way to hold two delicate cookies together and, well, give them a less delicate component. Macaron ice cream sandwiches have become the core dessert of Snow Monster--the coolest part of which are their macarons in fun flavors like Cap'n Crunch and Oreo. Now, for some Thai tea in a mason jar on the side.

9600 Bolsa Ave Suite G, Westminster 17406 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach 4255 Campus Drive Suite A124, Irvine snowmonsteroc.com; Instagram: @snowmonsteroc

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