10 Great Churro Dishes in Orange County

10 Great Churro Dishes in Orange County
Photo by Tim Lucas

Churros are hard to mess up. Take fat-heavy choux dough, deep fry it, and pour sugar all over it and people will take it in what ever form you give. What can you improve? Well, we all love the classic churros from our favorite Mexican restaurants and food stands (and maybe even Disneyland and Costco) but pastry chefs countywide have taken the snack into new forms lately.

That means new flavors and conjoined desserts--perfect for foodies who are always awaiting the next big, strange thing. But of course, classic churros will always be, well, classic churros, and we'll always love them either just as much (maybe even more than churro-waffles).

10. Churro Cronut at DK's Donuts (Orange)

10 Great Churro Dishes in Orange County
Photo by Joy

Excessive trendiness is a sin for some foodies, but DK's Donuts doesn't seem to care. After all, they make cronuts, which either made people excited or angry when Chef Dominque Ansel first put them out. But you know, their churro-flavored one isn't bad at all--matter of fact, it's kind of good. Just don't remind yourself that, individually, it consists of a churro, donut, and croissant. Rather, just think about cinnamon that leads the flavor and how the combined chewy and soft texture just somehow works. The power of experimentation, y'all.

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3744 E Chapman Ave, Orange, (714) 633-5858; instagram.com/dksdonutsorange

9. Churro-Waffle at The Iron Press (Costa Mesa)

10 Great Churro Dishes in Orange County
Photo by Alpha

Think of Iron Press's churro-waffle as a wider and more flat churro--in other words, if you've ever wanted to eat a churro with a knife and fork, this is your moment. The churro-waffle is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, which melts as you eat leaving pools of sweet cream in the dusty crags of the churro waffle. You also get a side of chocolate ganache for dipping, which makes for a nice medley of crunches, swishes, dips, and slurps.

3321 Hyland Ave, Ste E, Costa Mesa, (714) 426-8088; theironpress.com; Instagram: @theironpress

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