Who let this queen into the GOP party?
Who let this queen into the GOP party?

Your Twitter Hashtag for OC Weekly Election Coverage: #ocelections2012

All right, ladies and germs: time to follow the Weekly at one of our favorite beats: election coverage!

This is the way we'll do it: on Thursday, the dead-tree edition will have dispatches from all of us through the day, just like we did in our legendary 2004 issue, which featured George W. Bush flipping the world off. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a picture of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama doing the same, but we hope you'll enjoy our cover (let's just say it'll make more sense if Romney wins--but we're not hoping for that).

But for live coverage, you'll have to follow us on Twitter. We'll be using the hashtag #ocelections2012 to see everything unveil in real time (imagine if Twitter was around when Moxley did perhaps his greatest piece, "White Trash Disco", on the demise of Bob "B-1 Baboso" Dornan during the 1998 election?)

And for the happy medium? Find our blog dispatches here. Have fun, vote, and remember: ALFRED E. NEUMAN 2012!

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