WTF? Someone Writes Obscenities on Preschool Restroom Wall . . . in Ca-Ca Poo-Poo!

A woman called the sheriff's department late Wednesday morning to report someone broke into a restroom at La Cristianita Preschool in San Clemente and left graffiti on a wall.

Sounds fairly routine, until you discover what was scrawled were obscenities.

Your jaw will really drop when you discover what substance was used to write the nasty stuff . . .


Or, as the little preschoolers call it, "ca-ca poo-poo."

Or, as their minders put it, "Brown Marker No. 44."

The destruction at the nursery school at 35522 Camino Capistrano was likely done by mischievous older kids. But in case they were former La Cristianitans, preschool operators ought to consider reassessing the curriculum. Apparently, fingerpainting is a gateway vandalism.

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