William Johnson, Head of White-Power American Third Position Party, Asks Senators How They'll Save the White Race

The headline for this story should actually be "Mr. Racist Goes to Washington." William Johnson, the head of the convict-laden American Third Position Party and a man who first made headlines in the 1980s for proposing an amendment that would deport all non-whites from the United States, recently wrote to his troops about a visit to Capitol Hill on Jan. 5 at a reception for sworn-in senators.

In the various conversations he had with them, Johnson's question was frank: How will they help save the white race in the United States? See, in the twisted minds of Johnson and his American TP, whites are now the threatened minorities in this country, and it's time for action à la the 14 words. Some highlights after the jump!

According to Johnson, Senators Richard Lugar of Indiana and Chuck Grassley of Iowa (whom he described as "smug and cowardly") could only respond with "Good to see you" when he asked them, "The white race is dying out. What are you going to do about it?" Dan Coates of Indiana was more direct: "Well, all my kids are having lots of children of their own."

"I thanked him for what is really the most important comment any leader could make," Johnson wrote with the glee of a kindergartener who just tied his shoelaces for the first time. "All whites should have large, strong families. Good for Senator Coates." Johnson tried to play the family angle with Utah's Mike Lee, a Mormon. "I just want to say that I am pleased that Mormons like you have large, white families. The white race is dying out, and the Mormons are helping to stop that," Johnson says he told Lee, who also mouthed banal pleasantries before scooting the hell away.

But the funniest exchange was with Al Franken, a Jew. Johnson's ilk don't consider Jews to be white, so it's a mystery why Johnson would ask him whether he'd ever associate with "pro-white" interests. But Franken, to his credit, engaged the loon by noting whites didn't need a congressional caucus à la African-Americans and Latinos.

"Well, what about when the whites become a small minority?" Johnson shot back.

"That will never happen," Franken replied.

Wonder if the good senator knows about SanTana?


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