Will Hate for Cash [Hey, You!]
Bob Aul

Will Hate for Cash [Hey, You!]

You are the homeless fellows who were holding signs seeking financial help one recent Sunday morning at strategic intersections in Huntington Beach. If I had something other than plastic in my wallet, I would have given each of you a buck or three. Since I didn't, I avoided eye contact with either of you. But my ears were open and now I'm glad I had no cash on me. When the traffic light turned green and I passed the first of you, the younger "family man" muttered "fucking Asians." The second down-and-outer, a Gabby Hayes lookalike, blurted out "fucking niggers." For bigger paydays, I suggest both of you plant your hate-filled selves closer to Main Street. White supremacists flexing their tattoos there will gladly pony up.

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