Gov. Brown: Pointing California in a new direction
Gov. Brown: Pointing California in a new direction

Will Dream Act Passage Prompt OC Protest of Gov. Jerry Brown?

Despite its reputation as a right wing political stronghold, Orange County of recent times has been a hotbed of progressive activism.

You name the subject--war, gay rights, Islamophobia, corporate power, racism, animal rights and the environment--and local liberals have consistently hit the streets to make their views known.

Conservative activists, who dominate OC electoral politics, seem to be more inclined to spend their time shopping or fine dining.

But tomorrow our local right wingers have a chance to demonstrate whether they can peel themselves away from South Coast Plaza, Fleming's Steakhouse and Fletcher Jones for an hour or so.

Gov. Jerry Brown is coming to Irvine for a Democratic Party fundraiser in the wake of doing something that Republicans claim will destroy California: Brown signed into law the state's Dream Act on Saturday. In the future, undocumented students can qualify for state financial aid for public college expenses.

The move is controversial to say the least, but will local GOPers back up all their tough, sky-is-falling rhetoric by demonstrating Brown's Southland visit?

Or will the protest, if any, consist of Rev. Wiley Drake holding his trusty megaphone and shouting at himself again?

The governor is set to attend a 6 p.m. VIP gathering at the Irvine Airport Hilton and later give the keynote address at the annual Harry S Truman Dinner event thrown by OC Democrats.

The event is sold out.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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