Mansoor: The Egyptian cousin of Alfred E. Neuman?
Mansoor: The Egyptian cousin of Alfred E. Neuman?

Will Allan Mansoor and Van Tran Attend Barbara Coe's Barbecue This Saturday?

The next coming months will provide much political merriment in local elections, specifically in regards to Van Tran (trying to displace longtime Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez) and Costa Migra Mayor Allan Mansoor, who is facing Democrat Phu Nguyen (who recently, beautifully punked Mansoor) to replace Tran. Both paleo-conservatives will have to play ethnic politics to appeal to their races' specific swing vote: Latinos, for Tran, and Vietnamese for Mansoor. And Muslims for the both...but I digress.

The California Coalition for Immigration Reform will hold its annual potluck meeting this Saturday. They've invited Tran and Mansoor to attend, along with other loser politicians. The million-peso question: will Mansoor and Tran accept the support of Orange County's most notorious hate group?

Mansoor probably will, as

he has partied with Coe in the past

. So might Tran, as

he sent a campaign flunky

to address CCIR this past May. Of course, neither care that Coe started her career trashing Vietnamese immigrants as well

and still trashes them

, but who cares? The two need her smoke-stenched blessing to proceed, which--if the Dems were smart--is a blessing that should cost the candidates in the polls. Then again, this is Orange County...


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