Why Should I Vote for Loretta Sanchez? Apologists: A Chance to Win Gustavo's Vote for Her!

Why Should I Vote for Loretta Sanchez? Apologists: A Chance to Win Gustavo's Vote for Her!

Whenever it's time to fill my ballot, I usually like to sprinkle my votes to the Green and Libertarian parties (with an occasional nod to the Peace and Freedom freaks)--usually because the politics of those two groups better fit my personal stances, but also because I refuse to vote for any OC-based Republican candidate due to the local GOP's criminal-coddling, pedophile-apologizing ways. The Democrats that represent my district on the other hand, usually don't need my vote, even if I like them. No need to vote for assemblymember Jose Solorio, because he will slay whatever Republican sheep Scott Baugh put up against him--but if there are no Libertarians or Greens in that race, I'll vote for him as he's not too reprehensible. Same thing with Lou Correa, although I'm more inclined to leave the ballot blank in his case--opponent Lucille Kring is no longer the voice of corruption I remember her as on the Anaheim City Council, and Lou's still not too comfortable with the gays.

But Loretta Sanchez? Why should I vote for her, apologists?

The Weekly's dissatisfaction with Loretta goes back to the days she was lying about a con helping Loretta in her inaugural congressional campaign, continued through the days she supported an immigrations station in the Anaheim jail, and reached a fever pitch this year with her longstanding refusal to co-sponsor the DREAM Act. That it took the deaths of undocumented students Tam Tran (a Garden Grove native) and Cinthya Felix to push her to finally co-sponsor this Congressional bill says more about Loretta than anything she's done in her 14 years of Congress.

Don't worry, Loretta apologists: I won't vote for the reprehensible Van Tran, who the Weekly pegged as crud back in the days when the rest of the media was celebrating him as a token, and I sure as hell won't vote for Cecilia Iglesias, whose robotic supporters make seals look free-thinking by comparison. But, seriously: why should I, or anyone, vote for Loretta? Lesser of two evils is NOT an option, nor is the excuse that every vote counts in this supposedly close election, and therefore we must vote Loretta to ensure Tran doesn't win--if the latter is truly in play, then that's all Loretta's fault.

Spin away!


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