Who's Behind the Call for Artists and Musicians to Boycott the Yost?

The SanTana chattering classes are, well, chattering over news that an anonymous letter is calling on artists and musicians to not play at the Yost, the historic theater that's proving to be the Chavez Ravine of the city with its epic tales of poor-man's paradise, city-father usurping, and pathetic attempts to dismiss this history as part of the past because, hey, the past is the past and why bother with it? Orange County Register reporter Andrew Galvin--who seems to take every opportunity to let the Brave New Urbanists feed him their spin, which he then reports without any skepticism whatsoever--got the scoop, and is desperately working the emails trying to figure out who's behind Artists and Musicians Against Displacement.

Oh, Andrew! All you had to do was ask me! The group behind the effort is...

Who's Behind the Call for Artists and Musicians to Boycott the Yost?

SanTana Mayor Don Papi Pulido!

Okay, I kid--kind of. But with SanTana councilwoman Claudia Alvarez recently coming out as an Aztlanista in opposing the continued gentrification of Fourth Street, stranger things have happened.

Actually, I do know who's behind the effort--I am. Or...(cue Oscar Bluth) am I? Maybe...no, my writing isn't as doctrinaire and much-more from the gutter than the brain. But the people behind AMAD have told me they will soon reveal themselves--details to come...

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