Where's Loretta?

Donde estas?Rebecca Schoenkopf reporting from . . .

ORANGE, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 441--The beer is Heineken, the food Mexican, the lights fluorescent. A couple hundred people, very happy--and sitting. Sitting. And we're young. And so, thinking Loretta Sanchez's invite-only party is likely to be a bit more fun, we're planning to go over there in a bit. But Norberto Santana of the Register appears to tell us that L's party is a dud. Could be the invite-only thing. Could be the $40 ticket price--which, all of a sudden, L's people are denying is a $40 ticket price. Now that our own L is chairwoman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee--Jesus Christ!--perhaps she's feeling a bit uppity. She's certainly not here among Her People. It's rather like the early days of the Weekly, when I had a friend who became a booker at The House of Blues, and I suddenly went from sweating and dancing and making friends in steerage (e.g., Linda's Doll Hut) and having the time of my life, to sitting in a balcony and saying, "Oh, what a veddy nice show!" Still, the longer L's been a Democrat, the more we like her. And it's probable her party was a dud because it's still early. We'll see for ourselves. Soon.


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