What You Missed This Weekend Part XXI

PhotobucketThis weekend eventful to say the least. Friday night found freelancer Nathan Jackson at the Glass House reviewing What Made Milwaukee Famous and Ra Ra Riot, while it found me and Clubs Editor Erin DeWitt trolling for men on 4th St. in Long Beach. Turns out Gay Pride weekend isn't the best time to hunt for single straight dudes. Who knew?

Saturday was filled with some sexual references, thanks to the KROQ Weenie Roast's presence in the county. Photographer Christopher Victorio was there to shoot the whole thing while Rich Kane reviewed The Register only to find ads in their sports section catering to readers' rock-hard man-parts.

Food critic Edwin Goei found something that tickled his fancy this weekend, too. A Mexican bakery—in Tustin of all places—that serves salteñass, the Bolivian take on the empanada. Yummy. And Luke Y. Thompson was satisfied by mega-stud Indiana Jones. He attended a press screening of the much anticipated sequel "Kingdom of The Crystal Skull" and will review it Wednesday on Navel Gazing. Stay tuned.


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