Were Loiter Squad's Tyler, The Creator and Alleged Pimp Lebrette Winn Separated at Birth?

Inquiring minds want to know: Were Tyler, the Creator and Lebrette Winn separated at birth? Both are 22 and, through my blurry eyes, have similar looks. Both hail from Los Angeles County, Tyler Gregory Okonma from Ladera Heights in the city's southeast and Winn from Long Beach.

They've obviously chosen far different career paths, however.

Winn and Eric Avery, 24 and also from Long Beach, were pulled over by police near Pine Avenue and Bay Street in that city last month and, upon further investigation, arrested on suspicion of forcing a teenage girl and two women into prostitution against their wills. Winn's being popped under human trafficking laws:

Lebrette Winn
Lebrette Winn
Photo courtesy of Long Beach Police Department

Tyler, the Creator--who also goes by Wolf Haley--is accused (by me) of being the funniest regular on the Cartoon Network's Loiter Squad, sort of a Jackass/Wonder Showzen mash-up starring members of the LA hip hop group Odd Future. Actually, Jasper's dad (of "Rollin' with Dark Shark" fame) is the funniest, but Tyler, the Creator is really, really funny too:

Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator shows the most range on the show, creating so many indelible characters you know he could nail the part of Winn in a future movie. Catch him on Loiter Squad Sundays at midnight as part of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup.

Catch Winn at his next Long Beach Superior Court appearance.

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