WeedMaps Unveils New Amazon-Friendly Android App

WeedMaps Unveils New Amazon-Friendly Android App

General Cannabis, the Newport Beach company that owns WeedMaps, is celebrating the official launch of a new marijuana-club locating phone application. While WeedMaps has already released I-Tunes and Google Android apps, this latest version is specially designed to work for Amazon-platform Android phones.

According to the company's press release, the new app for Amazon "locations for local dispensaries and doctors, links to videos and discussions with other users, listings for coupons, mobile freebies and more, including a one-of-a-kind live multiplayer giveaway that can be played multiple times per day by nearly 1,000 users simultaneously."

"We are excited to bring our WeedMaps application to the Amazon platform based on many user requests," the press release quotes Warren Applebaum, lead Android developer for WeedMap Media, as saying. "Unlike the Google marketplace, Amazon includes a quality assurance and testing phase before the application is advertised on their market. Weedmaps received sound advice from Amazon's Android team which helped improve the rich quality an features of the application."

1 million Android users visit Weedmaps each month, the press release adds.

You can download the new app here.


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