We Agree with Hugh Hewitt--But He's Still an Ass

Uber-blogger/radio host Hugh Hewitt doesn't like a lot of things: liberals, liberal journalists, liberal movies, liberal societal mores--and now, liberal oldies. Hewitt tells readers on Jan. 3 that KRTH-FM 101.1's Top 300 Songs of All Time countdown over the New Year's weekend was the "Worst Top 300 List Ever". We agree: any oldies list that has no "96 Tears", one Beach Boys pick and NOTHING by Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, the Animals, the Kinks or Buddy Holly is an automatic joke. But Hugh's problem is of a more bigoted nature: seems K-Earth's Top 25 in particular "is obviously working ahrd [sic] to grab a slice of the urban audience" with its selection. Mr. MSM isn't exactly clear what he means by that, but we all know from our Jim Crow 101 class that "urban audience" is polite-society code for "seething colored masses. In that respect, Hugh's right: K-Earth's Top 25 is filled with such black-power anthems as the Temptation's "My Girl," "My Cherie Amour" by Stevie Wonder and the super-black "Unchained Melody" by local boys/original wiggers The Righteous Brothers. The few gabachos that made K-Earth's Top 25 are mostly super-liberals like The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Carole King and John Lennon. Hugh: Can you give us some clarification what "urban audience" means to you? What's your idea of good oldies? The Crew Cuts? Give us the Michael Hiltzik treatment, please, and let's talk rock!


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