[W/PHOTO] Paul Crouch Flips Off TBN Cameras in Jerusalem!

Today, the Los Angeles Times ran an interesting piece about how Costa Mesa-based Trinity Broadcasting Network was establishing a bigger presence in Israel, in preparation for the End Times and to turn Jews on to Jesus. And it was the validation I needed to publish a picture of TBN head Paul Crouch that a source of mine forwarded to me, of what they say is an undoctored photo Paul flipping off TBN cameras in Jerusalem last month.

See, I couldn't believe the picture at first, figuring it was too good to be true.

Like, why was Crouch wearing a cleric's collar in the leaked photo? Why did he have a pinkie ring? Why are his jowls so low?

But then I saw the picture of Crouch in the Times piece and he's wearing the EXACT SAME clerical collar. And we passed it by our production department, who stopped playing Ping Pong for a second to opine it's the real Don Steele.

Ladies and germs, behold Crouch saluting Jesus!

[W/PHOTO] Paul Crouch Flips Off TBN Cameras in Jerusalem!

Fake, or not? Talk to us, TBN folks!

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