VIDEO: Mamadou Ndiaye, 7-foot-5 High School Basketball Player, is Unstoppable

​Okay, I'm no sports expert, but something doesn't seem quite fair here. 

Mamadou Ndiaye is a junior at Huntington Beach Brethren Christian School and plays on the varsity basketball team. He is 7-foot-5. That's two inches taller than the tallest player in the NBA. He is untouchable. All the other young hoopsters, who barely reach his chest, might as well quit now and go get some post-game pizza.

In 2010, Ndiaye was discovered by scouts in his native Senegal. Sports bloggers have been following the behemoth for a couple months, but new game footage has emerged, showing the team's not-so-secret weapon in action.

Yahoo!'s Prep Rally describes the spectacle like this:  

Ndiaye is so dominant at the high school level, it's almost like watching a cat toy with a mouse, except that the mouse might have a better chance of acquiring a tiny shotgun to defend himself against a cat than high school defenders have of stopping Ndiaye. It's like having Secretariat in a pony race. It's like bringing a tommy gun to the OK corral. It's like having Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell on a high school model UN squad. It's like ... well, you get the picture. 

Prep Rally previously reported that Guinness World Records has tried to get an official measurement to determine weather 17-year-old Ndiaye is officially the tallest high school basketball player in the world.

There's a heartwarming story here as well. According to CBS News, when Ndiaye first arrived in California, he played ball for Simi Valley Stoneridge Prep, a school that helped him get a student visa as well as a physical exam. The exam detected a large tumor in his pituitary gland, which may account for his oversized growth, but can also cause blindness if left untreated. The school couldn't pay for Ndiaye's treatment, but a charity drive gathered the necessary funds and a couple near Brethren Christian stepped up to become his legal guardians. 

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