Verta Parker is Missing from Midway City Assisted Living Center; Have You Seen Her?

Verta Parker, who is disabled and uses a medical walker, usually sticks close to Pacifica Royale Assisted Living Community in Midway City, but she will go out for short strolls that last a couple hours.

She left for her last one around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, but has not been seen by Pacifica Royale staff or residents since. So the word is being put out in hopes of finding her.

The 63-year-old is without a cell phone or identification. She is described as African American, 6 foot, 200 pounds, with brown hair and brown hair cropped close to her scalp. She was last seen wearing a dark-colored dress over jeans, a tan hoodie and white tennis shoes.

Anyone with any information about her whereabouts is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff's Department at 714.647.7055 or 714.628.7170.

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