Assemblyman Van Tran
Assemblyman Van Tran
Christopher Victorio

Van Tran Goes Positive . . . Almost

Christopher Victorio
Assemblyman Van Tran

For those of you wondering if Van Tran's campaign would be based solely on negative attacks featuring Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez as a Democratic bimbo/whore, the answer came today in mail boxes.

Tran, the Little Saigon state assemblyman who face term limits in Sacramento, sent a two-sided glossy campaign piece that touts his "commitment:"

As a party robot, he will obey OC Republican bosses or perish.


(Not really.)

He says in the ad that voters should select him in an upset because he'd:

1. Stop the wasteful spending.
2. Cut taxes so that small businesses can create jobs.
3. Reduce excessive regulations on small business.
4. Stand up to the special interests in Washington.

On the other side, the ad says, "Van Tran: Fighting to create jobs and grow the economy."

That portion shows a series of pictures of Tran--young immigrant from Vietnam, laughing husband/father (with a gorgeous wife and kids) and politician listening intently to two white guys.

There's also a brief letter from Tran reminding voters of his love of freedom and small businesses.

He calls himself a "100% Job Creator," a title he says the California Chamber of Commerce bestowed upon him.

But he couldn't help himself. He included a slam on Sanchez by Republican Party activist Gwendolyn Dyrud of Santa Ana. Next to what appears to be a police mug shot of Dyrud, she's written that Sanchez "lies" and is "a career politician" who is "running an ugly negative campaign to avoid talking about her failed record."

"Van Tran is not another career politician," Dyrud writes. "He's a family man and a small business owner."

Tran is a central pawn in the GOP's hope to take back control of Congress from the Democrats.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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