Tran: A bit of a RAHOWA man himself...
Tran: A bit of a RAHOWA man himself...

Van Tran Accuses Loretta Sanchez of Trying to Start "Race War," But What About His Anti-Mexican/Anti-Gay Warriors?

To quote George Takei, "Oh my."

Our little story about Loretta Sanchez railing against "Vietnamese" trying to take her congressional seat away from her and the Democrats has gone national, making the pages of the New York Times (with a proper citation for us breaking the story--yay!) and forcing Sanchez to apologize yesterday for her stupid remark, just a day after lamely trying to "clarify" them. Now, challenger Van Tran is riding a wave of conservative victimhood toward appearances on various talk shows--on Thursday, he told the guest host of Hugh Hewitt's show that Loretta was trying to start a "race war."

Kettle, meet pot.

What the national media (and especially the conservative faction) will never bother to investigate is Tran's own dalliances with anti-Mexican/homophobic rhetoric over the years, whether through his own actions, the words of acolytes, or courting of bona fide hate groups.

A short list off the top of my head, because I need to prepare for Texas whipping UCLA on the gridiron:

*Tran acolyte and Garden Grove Unified School District Trustee Lan Quoc Nguyen made headlines last year when he told Nguoi Viet that "students from other ethnicities really fear" Vietnamese pupils. In 2006, Nguyen also took to the Little Saigon airwaves to claim that a vote for State Senator Lou Correa would usher in Reconquista and a Communist government.

*Westminster Councilmember Andy Quach--whom Tran tried to help after a drunken Quach (his campaign fundraiser) crashed into a light pole--tried to ban gay Vietnamese-Americans from marching in this year's Tet parade, and derisively referred to them as "these people." Also part of that ugly episode: Garden Grove councilwoman Dina Nguyen, who said "I don't believe in homosexuality and whom Tran unsuccessfully tried to run against Supervisor Janet Nguyen (no relation) two years ago.

*Anti-Mexican rants on the Little Saigon airwaves, of course, are nothing new--I just wish I knew Vietnamese to hear them all, but what is known is that Tran is a master of using them to have his political will be done.

*Tran, on his part, sent out his district representative in May to court the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, the most noxious of OC's many certified hate groups. He's also palling around with self-hating Arab Allan Mansoor, who's running for Tran's seat. And who can forget Tran's taxpayer-funded, photo-op helicopter tour of the United States-Mexico border along with Quach, Dina, and another political lackey?

I can go on, but again: go Bruins! Keep it within 20 points, guys!


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