[UPDATED:] You, Me and All the Blue Note Bandits You Know

UPDATE: Alleged "Blue Note Bandit" David Andrew Camp, 50, of Laguna Niguel, entered a not guilty plea at his arraignment today on 14 felony counts of second degree robbery. His bail was set at $500,000, and he faces a maximum sentence of 18 years in state prison if convicted on all counts. 

[UPDATED:] You, Me and All the Blue Note Bandits You Know

Now that the man alleged to be the "Blue Note Bandit," accused of robbing 15 Orange County banks since late November, has been arrested, it's time to take a closer look at him.

Sadly, it's just like looking in the mirror.

He: David Andrew Camp

Me: Also biblical first name and a last name starting with a "C"

He: 50

Me: Almost

He: of Laguna Niguel

Me: Been there

He: Out-of-work salesman

Me: Barely working journo

He: Wife and two children

Me: Wife and three children (that we know of, heh-heh . . .)

He: Wears hoodies

Me: Own one

He: Called "Blue Note Bandit" because he allegedly used a blue sheet of paper for demand notes

Me: Own Blue Note records

He: "One of the most prolific bank robbers in recent history," according to Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

Me: "One of the most prolific bloggers on Navel Gazing the past day and a half," according to Central Slightly Inland Orange County Blogger Daily

He: Severe debt issues

Me: Ditto

He: Drug habit, according to sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino

Me: Beer belly, according to my primary care physician

He: History of fraud, theft, and narcotics violations, according to Hutchens

Me: History of typos, tortured logic and assorted brain farts, according to readers

He: Reportedly spread-eagle on the ground before he was taken into custody

Me: Reportedly spread-eagled on the ground after attending recent bachelor party

UP NEXT: My uncanny similarities to Joe Stack!

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