[UPDATED with New Charges] Robert Rizzo, Ex-Bell City Administrator, Must Stand Trial

UPDATE, MARCH 30, 12:53 P.M.:

Ousted Bell City Administrator

Robert Rizzo

of Huntington Beach earlier this month had a misappropriation of public funds count tossed by a judge in Los Angeles, although Jabba the Corrupt was ordered to stand trial on a conflict-of-interest charge.

But a grand jury indictment unsealed today charges Rizzo again with misappropriation of public funds, more conflict of interest counts and hiding and falsifying official records.

The indictment also hits Rizzo's former assistant

Angela Spaccia

with seven of the same eight felony counts now facing her ex-boss. Spaccia infamously wrote in an email concerning high salaries in tiny Bell, "We will all get fat together . . . Bob [Rizzo] has an expression he likes to use on occassion . . . Pigs get Fat . . . Hogs get slaughtered!!!! So long as we're not Hogs . . . All is well!?"

  • Robert Rizzo Hog-Tied to E-mails Where Other High-Salaried Bell Officials Admit to Being Piggies

They have pleaded not guilty. For more, check out the Los Angeles Times.


Ousted Bell City Administrator Robert Rizzo, who lays his bloated body down at night in Huntington Beach, has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly getting involved financially in a horse-racing business, with a contractor earning millions from the tiny city.

Judge Henry J. Hall let "Jabba the Corrupt" skate on a misappropriation of public funds count, but His Honor also nudged Los Angeles County prosecutors to consider filing perjury charges against Rizzo because he apparently left his racehorse biz off mandated financial-disclosure forms.

Hall also suggested Rizzo may have also run afoul of the state's Fair Political Practices act with his alleged lack of disclosure.

Rizzo and Dennis Tarango were partners in Golden Aggie Ranch Inc., which has since gone out of business. At the time news of Rizzo's dirty dealings first broke, it was reported that in addition to his million-dollar-plus Surf City abode, the then-city administrator owned a horse ranch in Washington state. He was earning more than a million bucks in annual salary and benefits at the time. Bell is now nearly bankrupt.

Tarango served as the city's planning director and also did engineering work for the city. He claimed on the stand there was nothing wrong with his racehorse partnership with Rizzo, and that there was no quid pro quo relationship with the then-city administrator when it came to business before the city.

The contractor then rode off into the sunset.

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