[UPDATED with I.D.:] Oscar Alaniz, Scooter Rider, Killed After Collision with Jaguar Driven by 98 y.o. Woman in Costa Mesa

See the update at the end of this post identifying the victim.

[UPDATED with I.D.:] Oscar Alaniz, Scooter Rider, Killed After Collision with Jaguar Driven by 98 y.o. Woman in Costa Mesa

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 11, 9:13 A.M.: Fifteen years ago or so, picking up my son at a friend's home, I stepped onto a skateboard in the driveway and was promptly thrown on my ass. It was then I realized skateboards should have an expiration date. (Sorry, Grandpa Hawk.) Wednesday afternoon in Costa Mesa, a 35-year-old riding a scooter through a green-lit intersection was struck by Jaguar driven by a 98-YEAR-OLD woman. The fellow died shortly thereafter. Obviously, Jags and driver licenses need expiration dates, too.

The unidentified scooter rider, who resided in Orange, was heading south in the first lane of Superior Avenue around 2:30 p.m. when he entered the intersection with Industrial Way, which is frankly a confusing area to drive thanks to several busy streets coming together.

It's also among the routes to a bustling hospital and various medical offices, so you can imagine the area would draw the 98-year-old Costa Mesa woman in a red 2003 Jaguar S-type four-door that, according to police, was coming the opposite direction on Superior and turned left in front of the 2011 Honda 5000 Ruckus scooter (like the one pictured on the opener page).

That caused a collision that sent the man to the pavement and, shortly thereafter, Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. (Why he wasn't originally taken to Hoag, probably a half mile or so away from the accident scene, I don't know.)

The lady and witnesses were interviewed at the scene, where it was determined both motorists had green lights and there was no evidence alcohol impairment played a role, so she was released. Investigators are still collecting evidence, and anyone who can help is asked to contact Traffic Officer Darren Wood at 714.754.5264.

UPDATE, APRIL 11, 2:42 P.M.: The county coroner has identified the deceased as Oscar Alaniz, 35, of Orange. Cause of death is injuries from the accident. An autopsy is scheduled.

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