[UPDATED with I.D.:] Cop Fatally Shoots Man Wielding a Knife and Bible in Anaheim Police Parking Lot: Report

UPDATE, JAN. 25, 8:50 A.M.: Apologies for catching up on some updates I missed due to being out sick the weekend through Monday and having no time to get to them until now, but the man shot and killed by a cop in the parking lot of the Anaheim Police east station last week has been identified as Roscoe Cambridge.

The Anaheim 29-year-old was carrying a large kitchen knife and bible when he approached a police sergeant working on the computer in his service vehicle, according to authorities.

If a motive for the confrontation is known, it has not been divulged.

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 19, 6:04 P.M.: A police officer reportedly shot and killed a man with a knife in the parking lot of an Anaheim police station this afternoon.

Details are sketchy, but at 1:15 p.m. an unidentified officer radioed to dispatch that he had been involved in a shooting at the east station, 8201 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road. The dead man also has not been identified.

A knife and bible were found near his body, the Orange County Register reports.

The cop wasn't hurt.

As is routine in police shootings, the Orange County District Attorney's office is investigating.

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