[UPDATED with Formal Charges:] Juan Martinez, OC Homicide No. 25: Stabbed After School

UPDATE, JUNE 15, 4:59 P.M.: 18-year-old Bryan "Moto" Ocampo of Anaheim could be sentenced to 26 years to life in state prison if he is convicted of the stabbing-murder of a seventh grader.

Currently jailed on $1 million bail, Ocampo was charged today with one felony count of murder with a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon for the slaying of 12-year-old Juan "R2" Martinez.

An Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) accuses Ocampo of being "a member of a graffiti-tagging crew" but mentions nothing about Martinez belonging to a rival crew.

On the afternoon of June 13, 2011, the victim, 12-year-old Juan Martinez was walking home from school on La Palma Avenue, east of Anna Drive. He was a 7th grade student at Sycamore Junior High School in Anaheim. Ocampo is accused of walking up to the victim and engaging in a physical altercation with him. He is accused of pulling out a knife from his pocket and stabbing Martinez in the chest. The victim attempted to run away but collapsed due to his injury.

Anaheim Police Department (APD) officers arrived at the scene and found the victim in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Martinez was transported to University of California, Irvine Medical Center in Orange, and succumbed to the stab wound shortly thereafter.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Howard Gundy of the Homicide Unit is listed as the prosecutor in the case. Ocampo's arraignment has been pushed back to July 15.

UPDATE, JUNE 15, 9:44 A.M.: 18-year-old Bryan "Moto" Ocampo of Anaheim is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on one count of murder.

Currently being held in Men's Central Jail lieu of $1 million bail, Ocampo is accused of the stabbing murder of 12-year-old Juan "R2" Martinez, who was attacked while walking home from Anaheim's Sycamore Junior High School Monday afternoon.

Police have confirmed what the Weekly previously reported: Ocampo and Martinez belonged to rival graffiti tagging crews.

UPDATE, JUNE 14, 11:27 A.M.: Before 18-year-old Bryan "Moto" Ocampo was arrested for the stabbing murder of 12-year-old Juan "R2" Martinez in Anaheim Monday afternoon, there was much back-and-forth chatter among their respective friends commenting via Facebook and news media sites.

The messages reveal the dead boy and adult suspect belonged to rival tagging crews, STL (Skys the Limit) for Martinez and DTA (Death Town Anaheim Krew) for Ocampo.

The chatter also delves into the mentality of young people prepping for gang life on the mean streets overshadowed by the Happiest Place on Earth.

Ocampo, who lives near the scene of the murder, was identified early by Anaheim police as a "person of interest" in the case. He was brought to the police station for questioning by detectives Monday evening and, after his interview, arrested later that night on suspicion of homicide.

He is currently being held without bail. No murder weapon has been found. An autopsy was scheduled to be performed today on Martinez.

Cops say they have no motive for the attack but, at least according to the Facebook comments, their tagging crews (or krews) were rivals.

Check out the following feed from Ocampo's Facebook page; though the times are approximate, they indicate he was messaging about the incident in the moments before being hauled in:

Ocampo (4:30 p.m.): Theres a big scene at the end of my street,cops everywhere -__- what the hell happened?
Serafin Juarez Tinajero: I heard some kid got shanked after school at sycamore jr high


Ocampo (6:30 p.m.): Yea dude bunch of cops came and shit
Dick Fitswell: They killed him. Heard he dissed OTR [
Matt's note: On the Run, another tagging crew] and DTA. That's what I just found out.
Ocampo: Nah i never heard that...i didnt even know who he was
Serafin Juarez Tinajero: a bunch of people are spreading rumors and its getting out of hand
Ocampo: Hell yea

The conversation continued on Ocampo's page after his arrest, although some obviously did not realize he'd been booked:

Danielle Galvan (10:10 p.m.): They mentiond ur name bryan ocampo as the killer! Is tht u motttoo?? Lol
'Mannyy Mookiee Plass: FREE MOTO!!! . . . FUCKK DA PIGSS!!!!

They learned of his arrest shortly thereafter:

'Mannyy Mookiee Plass (10:13 p.m.): Danielle Galvan it aint funnyy it wasnt him
Danielle Galvan: Oh I know it ain't,its some real shit! But thy really got moto?
'Mannyy Mookiee Plass: yeaa around 6 hes my neighbor isaw wen he took off
Danielle Galvan: Reaaally!? Fucck,whyyd thy tke himtho? If he ddidnt do it?
'Mannyy Mookiee Plass: ithnkk cuhzz hes frm DTAK
Alejandro J. Malta: wtf i was texting him at that time


Danielle Galvan (10:20 p.m.): Sooo wht does tht mean jst cuz he's frm dta?
'Mannyy Mookiee Plass: yaa da pigs juss pulled him over n arrested him

A person identifying himself as the suspect's brother, Henry "Buska" Ocampo, also proclaimed Moto's innocence via Facebook:

Henry Ocampo: I guess their blaming one of my homes for stabbing some lame ass 12 yr. Old!!! These foos just spreading rumors!!

Meanwhile, friends of Martinez grieved on the dead Sycamore Junior High School students page:

Adam Ceja: Fuckin R2, you beat us to the sky.. Knew 'Sky's The Limit' so you took it like a true G. Downest 12yr old i knew,rollin blunts n poundin brews. Always down for whatever whenever even if we told you to go home' ha . . . Just know that the S's gonn be livin on for you. I'll miss you always and your memory will live on no matter what! Much love and Respect Juan 'R2' Martinez!!!!
Marquis Bush: I cant believe someone would stab someone over writing THIS WORLD IS SO CRAZY

They have now set up the RIP Juan Lil R2 memorial page on Facebook.

Ocampo's friends have set up Free Da Homiee Moto page via Facebook also.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 13, 6:11 P.M.: A 12-year-old boy got into a fight with a male in his late teens in front of apartments on East La Palma Avenue in Anaheim this afternoon.

Some time during the 2:45 p.m. altercation, the boy believed to be a student at nearby Sycamore Junior High School was stabbed. Police found the boy lying in the apartment complex parking lot and rushed him to a local trauma center, where he later died.

Anaheim police, who have not yet released the boy's identity, were on the scene this afternoon trying to determined what led to the stabbing in the 1500 block of East La Palma.

Anyone with information that can help in the investigation is asked to call 714.765.1944.

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