[UPDATED with Conviction:] Michael Jason Wilson Tried as Adult for Facebook War That Ended Bloody

It is officially knife day here at Navel Gazing HQ.

Earlier we brought you the wifey-pooh who allegedly sliced off her estranged husband's dick with a knife before tossing it into the garbage disposal and flipping the on switch.

Now comes word from the DA's office of a Laguna Beach teen's conviction for stabbing a Facebook rival and assaulting two others with a carving knife.

Michael Jason Wilson, a 17-year-old tried as an adult, entered a guilty plea to one felony count of aggravated assault with a knife and a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury in exchange for a sentence of a year in jail, three years of formal probation and restitution for the three victims.

At the time prosecutors originally filed the charges against Wilson as an adult, they said he was looking at 15 years in adult prison if convicted.

As a 16-year-old, Wilson had engaged in an online rivalry with a 17-year-old identified as Julian C. through Facebook, text messages and e-mails. This led to a March 11, 2010, showdown at Wilson's home.

Here is where side (and supporters and observers) differed amid the original crime report. Some accused Julian and 16-year-old friends identified as Nicholas L. and Sam S. of driving to Wilson's home with a fourth friend after school to rough Wilson up. Like Julian, the other two boys had attended the same school as Wilson, who had since transferred elsewhere.

Wilson was only defending himself, according to his supporters. The other side portrayed Wilson as a blood-thirsty attacker who baited Wilson into coming to his door so he could be easily attacked.

Julian went to the door of Wilson's Laguna Beach home while the others waited in the car. After a confrontation, Wilson whipped used a carving knife with a 12-inch blade and stabbed Julian in the stomach. The three friends went to help Julian and disarm Wilson. Nicholas and Sam received cuts to their hands and arms, while the unidentified fourth friend was not injured.

The four visitors ran back to their car, drove off and eventually flagged down a Laguna Beach police officer, who had the injured victims transported to a hospital for treatment. Julian underwent surgery and remained hospitalized for a week. Nicholas underwent surgery on his hand. Like Sam, he received stitches.

Wilson was arrested later in the day of the incident.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 26, 2010, 12:04 P.M.: Casualties from a Facebook war between high school students could land a Laguna Beach 16-year-old in an adult state prison for 15 years.

Michael Jason Wilson is being charged as an adult for allegedly stabbing a former classmate in the stomach and assaulting two of the victim's friends with a carving knife.

He has engaged in "an online rivalry" with a 17-year-old through Facebook and personal email accounts, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA).

Hostilities led to a March 11 confrontation at Wilson's house that ended in bloodshed.

The 17-year-old, identified as Julian C.,  drove over to Wilson's home with two 16-year-olds (Nicholas L. and Sam S.) and a fourth friend. Wilson had previously attended the same high school as the four visitors.

As his three friends waited in the car, Wilson and Julian C. met outside, a confrontation ensued and, according to the OCDA, Wilson whipped out a carving knife with a 12-inch blade and stabbed Julian C. in the stomach.

The friends got out of the car to help their fallen buddy and disarm Wilson.

Wilson is accused of slashing the hands and arms of Nicholas L. and Sam S. during the struggle. The fourth friend was not physically injured.

The four visitors managed to get back in the car, drive off and flag down a passing police officer, who got them to a hospital for treatment. Julian C. and Nicholas L. required surgery for their wounds. Sam S. received stitches and was released. All are fine now.

Wilson was arrested at his home the same day as the attack. He has been charged with three felony counts of aggravated assault with sentencing enhancements for causing great bodily injury.

Out of custody on $65,000 bail, Wilson is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning at Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach.


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